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A Los Angeles Childhood - "Friend" Me
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 11:00

Are you on Facebook? Are you on it several times a day, or just once in a while or maybe just check it out when you get an enormous amount of birthday alerts?

Where else can I learn what my family is doing within 2 seconds of their posting? My cousin's daughters are in Asheville and South Lake Tahoe. If only Facebook had been around earlier, I would have been able to see how they grew up from very young children, along with pictures and comments instead of waiting for photos to be shared round the holidays.

One cousin has a photo in her new upcoming prom dress...beautiful and glamorous, like something from the Red Carpet. I can remember when she had just been born and now look at her.

My other cousin, her sister, worked for me when I first started a counseling firm and opened my first office. That must have been the early 80s. How she loaned me her backpack the first time I went to Europe with explicit orders to drag it in the Brussels and Paris streets and bring back "SOMETHING." That was 1982, and now I read about how she is finishing college and how her son thinks he wants to be a bear and sleep until Christmas.

My other cousins in Los Angeles are constantly posting photos of their beautiful son in all of his adventures, and of their weekend holidays.

What other way can I visit from one side of the country to the other and all the way to Paris to visit with my friend there when she posts all of her photos from her recent travels. Over there in Europe, places are so much closer together that a long weekend can take you on such an adventure that we only dream about in the States. Different worlds, all because of geography.

I love this social media called FACEBOOK!

I learn what social issues are important to my "friends" and visit other places I might only dream about.

Talk about that old-fashioned arm chair traveling that my mother used to talk about, and share with her friends with a letter posted at the post office, brought to her door by the U.S. Postal Service. Or even in more recent times, email.

This new travel gets me there in seconds and then the whole "family" knows.

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