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A Jewish Childhood Blog - So What Is So Intriguing About the Dogs of Paris
Friday, 22 July 2016 13:58

Being a dog lover doesn't necessarily mean that I am an aficionado. However, I have lived this long in life and have known my share of dogs and dog breeds. Until Paris.

Each year, I start tracking different breeds, becoming a knowledgeable person when it comes to the different breeds. I know I can't know everything so I ask with limited French, sometimes it becomes slightly tricky.

Last year my friend Afi met me at Luxembourg Gardens with her Yorkshire Terrier Oscar, and thus, it all began this year as last year on June 6th. The best place to dog watch that I know is in the Gardens themselves. The main entrance and off to the left. At times I had spotted 5 or 6 different breeds, but always, this year on a more limited basis Yorkies, Jack Russell Terriers, Chihuahuas, originally from Mexico. I have just to Google, my smarty pants phone for correct spelling.

Both last year and this, the dog most missing, and the favorite of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas (although Alice did have a Chihuahua) was the Standard Poodle. The ones you see them with in photos, see Basket I and II. Click here: gertrude stein's dogs - AOL Image Search Results

But miniature breeds, about 12-15 pounds? Yes, counted, in Paris.

The biggest dog seen was a Great Dane. I just imagine most of these people live in apartments. The second largest seen was a German Sheppard.

As promised I will put in the list of all dogs seen by this observer for the two years, June 6th to the 25th. Each year I enjoy the sport of dog watching and their people. Usually they are friendly especially if I preface the attempted conversation with votre chien est tres mignon, and if it is a smaller dog, le petit toutou, il est tres mignon.

Here's the list: Yorkies, 19; Mini Poodle, 18; Great Dane, l; Maltese 2,;Terrier type, l; Jack Russell, 17; Golden Lab, 12,; Brown Lab, 2; Labradoodle, 3; Cocker spaniel, 8; Dachshund, long hair mini, 5; German Sheppard, 4; Sharpei 1; Llaso Apso, 6; Water Spaniel, 2; Pom, 1; Bichon Frise, 4; West Highland Terrier, 5; Scotty Terrier, 4; Dandy Dinmont Terrier, 1; Chihuahua, 18.

So you can see, Dogs of all types, very few just "Paris Dogs, of mixed origin."

There are a few more blogs yet to be written regarding my yearly Paris trip. But for now, this will have to do. Thanks for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.