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A Los Angeles Childhood - Two Suns In A Sunset – Jeu De Paume, Paris, June 2016
Thursday, 23 June 2016 11:32

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, a two person exhibit at Jeu De Paume left me breathless. They use their work to explore the production of knowledge, found documents, personal archives and “poetic” experience in the rewriting of history and construction of what they call “imaginaries.”

They use photos of martyrs, people who have died while fighting for political reasons, posters ravaged by time. Part of them is there, part missing.

In 1960, the Lebanese Rocket Society had much coverage by the media, yet all anyone really saw was smoke, smoke and mirrors.

Imaginary worlds: Fragmentary view of the rocket. Indeed was it real or an illusion? Collective memories contain no traces of the rockets.

Since 1999, the two artists have collected thousands of email scams and frauds. This was a way of getting money from innocents.

There is reference to facts and details from current political, religious and economic situations.

How many of us have received an email from supposedly a dear friend from a foreign country. Broke, robbed, and no way to return home. Aider moi.

Rumors of the world, videos tell stories recounting internet scams. It appears real until actors ask for money. Then credibility evaporates, “…as does the line between truth and falsehood, between documentary and fiction.”

All through this exhibition, Moody Blues kept streaming through my head, and the soundtrack, “Who knows if life is real or an illusion. Days of Future Passed.

Superimpose your own scenario of your smoke and mirrors and, voila.

Civil war, how violence affected images and narratives. One piece was a narrative, and their Archeology of our Gaze. The beginning point was the city of Beirut, and showed street lights deformed by bombs, buildings totally destroyed, the keys to doors no longer needed. Photos reflect the devastation the sites had been subjected to, “and the process questioning the marginalization of this conflict in contemporary history.”

An aerial photograph of Beirut cut up into 3000 fragments. Each one has writing on the back, “Beirut does not exist.”

Another video shows six former “detainees who recount their time in detention, and how they secretly made items both useful and artists. Objects featured in the photographic series,” entitled Objects of Khaim. The camp was later turned into a museum, and then completely destroyed during the Israeli-Lebanese war of 2006.

Another room explores the realm of absence and invisibility. The exhibit goes on and on, opening up wounds and memories.

If you are in Paris this summer, the exhibit entitled TWO SUNS IN A SUNSET will be on until 9-25-16.

Click here: jeu de paume, joana hadjithomas and khalil joreige - AOL Image Search Results

I keep toying with the idea of truth as fiction and fiction as truth. Especially as we as Americans get ready to elect a new president, I feel it is important to keep these two in mind. Pay attention.

Thanks for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.