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A Jewish Childhood Blog – Paris on Sunday. A Day of Opportunities.
Monday, 13 June 2016 15:20

Who would think that the world would go mad and a drizzling day in Paris, after going to the Puce, the Flea Market, having a lovely lunch with a friend, a leisure stroll through a Passage from much earlier days visit.

It is time to stroll back to Republique and go toward my new flat. I stop to take a photo of the statue and square at that infamous location. Where last November 13th, after bombings and shootings in a nightclub and a café, the world would be left trembling because for all of us, we have an image of where in our culture, our lives, our people have been killed for no good reason.

So I take my photo. I come back, sit down to do some writing, work on the new memoir, correct and edit a new poem. I decide to have some cherries, some chocolate, some coffee, and check facebook. I see that there has been an attack in my country, a mass shooting. I turn on CNN. I see the attack in the Gay club in Florida. I am angry. I am enraged. I am in tears. I am in Paris. You are stateside. And we say to each other, where the hell can we be safe?

Tell me what crosses your mind, female, lesbian or not, still a woman, still in the image of the 18th century buildings of Boulevard Houssman. I think of my visit to Pere Lachaise and some of the bodies placed in the ground, like others bound in to each other and here and now, killing of gay men by a new plague, terrorism. Hatred has gone mad. The whole worldturned into a shooting range.  Tomorrow I will reflect on the rest of my trip. There is joy in writing, within familiar sights in the city of light. There was another more loving time. Yet, an echo from the past reminds me, never forget,

Thank you for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.