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A Jewish Childhood – Paris 2015 – An evening at Dorothy’s Gallery
Tuesday, 23 June 2015 09:02

If I lived in Paris, each day a new adventure with the sun leaving the day at 10:30 PM. The latitude and longitude brings magic.

The freedom I experience in my second country enhances me in a completely novel way.

I cannot imagine what it would be like. Here for three weeks each year, and this year more than ever, openness, friends greet me, welcome me back. Talk deep, about what it is like for us in the troisieme age.

There is a woman who talks about trade winds right here in Dorothy’s Gallery. Artists, photographers, craftpersons: Journee Haiti Futur concert with Kati Dada.(You might want to check them out on facebook, as well as Dorothy’s Gallery.)

It is, in a way, like Santa Fe’s International Folk Art Market but focused on one country, Haiti, a way to finance education in Haiti. All of this under the tender care of Dorothy’s Gallery in the Bastille, bringing together North America, France and the gifts of Haiti.

The motto reads: “The real revolution in Haiti, equality, education for all, une education de quality pour tous.” This is a most valuable endeavor. So consider “liking” this on facebook.

And as always, thanks for reading A Jewish Childhood Blog.