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A Jewish Childhood from Paris 2015
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 09:09

It is beautiful weather in the City of Light. The Luxembourg Gardens have not changed much. I meet my friend, Afi, and her dog Oscar, a Yorkshire terrier for a walk in the gardens. I notice that one of my queens of France surrounding the pond is robed this visit. Marie Stuart done by artist Jacque Feuchere (1807-1852). It seems that Mary Stuart retired for 40 days in a black chamber before she died. She was queen of France from 1559-1560. Not what we would call a long run. I will go to the show at the Luxembourg museum on the Tudors to bring back more information.

The master poetry class with Cecilia Woloch is turning out to be quite a treat and a challenge. All participants but one are from Los Angeles, United States except for me. It’s like a visit back home to my roots just talking about different landmarks, especially the Miracle Mile in which one of the poets works at the old May Company, where my mother and I used to shop. Such a long way from home and yet, in a way, home after all.

Yesterday we paired up and interviewed each other about home, what it meant and means and then this morning, I took my notes and wrote a poem.

All of you on facebook, I still owe you one poem for the five poems in five days. I will get to that soon enough.

I visited my local sushi restaurant on the way home last night. The owner asked if I was there for vacation again, I said yes, three weeks.

The workshop is over on the 12th. Tonight we will go to Au Chat Noir where our teacher is the featured teacher. She will read for ten minutes. I will again sign up to read as I do each year.

Hope your day is an adventure in and around your passions. Thanks for reading A Jewish Childhood Blog.