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Jewish Childhood. Day 3 - A Day To Slow Down and Sleep In Part 2
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 21:30

Monday is another day to sleep until noon. I get up, usual ritual of food, French press from Pascal Guiraud, Tirrefacteur, which I purchase from Maison Marie, a wonderful neighborhood green grocer. Then review my manuscript of poems and pick one to read at Spoken Word Paris, this evening at the Black Cat, Le Chat Noir. After communicating with David via email, he finds the bus route for me with a map and sends it. I leave a couple of hours early just in case. I get near there and catch a snack, Asian, of course, and find the club. I purchase a decaf (a small decaf espresso), and when I have signed up and finished that and a small glass of water, I order a Perrier and drink that. Then it’s time to go downstairs and wait for the reading to start. I sign up for the first group. There are three and this reading goes on for three hours.

After reading my new poem, “Tabloid Cut – Diana’s Killer In Russia (Princess Di), and getting much appreciative applause, I walk down to Republique, walk up and find a taxi which, now that it is almost 11:00PM, and have not found my bus stop, I take back to the apartment. It is the end of a perfect day with the usual Skype, read and then to sleep.      Click here: SpokenWord Paris | open mic & writers' community

Thanks for reading My Jewish Childhood Blog. To be continued.