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Jewish Childhood. Day 3 - A Day To Slow Down and Sleep In
Sunday, 15 June 2014 14:14

My plan is to go first to the Gardens to say hello to all of the Queens and Saints. I want to talk to all of them but I don’t know if they are yet ready for me to carry on a dialog. And the list of the dogs of Paris continues.

I am working toward getting over my jet lag. I take out the poem I want to workshop tonight at Shakespeare and Company, in the other writing group’s critique. It is one that my heart sister, Pat, has been asking me to write for some time now.

I take the 27 Bus and get off at Ste Michel and Ste Germain. Then I walk toward Notre Dame. Turn down Rue Ste. Severin where I find a very clean Japanese Buffet. This simply means that there is a cold case, a deli case where there are different prepared dishes. The sushi is in the front window. I choose a package of sushi and ask for a small carafe d’eau. Slowly enjoy this treat and taking it gently, finish and then go out into the street, over to Rue de Huchette. I pass the Amerino Gelato but since I’ve discovered freezing my raspberries, and building a smoothie with almond milk, who needs gelato. Something I never thought would happen. So I continue toward Shakespeare and Company, sit outside the front of the bookstore and watch people hoping to see a dog or two to add to my dogs of Paris list. About 6:15 PM I go upstairs to the room where we meet and find several people already there. I then find out from a woman named Mary that from 4-6 they serve tea and whatever. I file that for next Sunday when I will again return. Click here: Shakespeare and Company

The workshop has 12 poets, writers and appreciators. I pass out my poem, “I Am The Daughter of a Full Charge Bookkeeper”. I hand out my 10 copies and begin to read it. After I finish, David Barnes, the group leader, asks someone else to read it again. I get much feedback and actually hear a poignancy I didn’t get when I read it myself. Basic rule, always read my work to myself out loud so I can see it out there and hear it out there. I love this process, especially sitting in this room with so much history. Click here: Shakespeare and Company, Paris - AOL Image Search Results

As is history with this group, after we finish at 8:30, we all go off to a bar to chat and drink. The one we go to has a large screen TV in two places with the trial matches for the World Cup on.

After visiting with two of the group for a while, at 10:30 I bow out to catch my bus back to the apartment. I forgot to mention, I buy David Barnes a beer because last year at this time I got pick-pocketed and had no money. David bought me a drink. To repay kindness, I tell him. He tells me he believes in this tradition.

So now back at the apartment, Skype to Pat and Martha. I see Alice B. and Tango. Martha’s dogs, Chula, and Patches, who I want to call Peaches, and the beautiful, handsome big guy, Bo. And then, with my New Mexico contact under my belt, off to read and sleep.

Thanks for continuing to read the tradition of story telling in Jewish Childhood Blog.