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Jewish Childhood Blog - I Dream of Paris
Sunday, 04 May 2014 21:28

It is on my smart phone, first the temperature for Santa Fe and then Paris. Right now the temperature is 73 degrees and glorious, a slight breeze, clear blue skies, the Russian Sage is leafing out in the southwest courtyard, the lilacs...well, hit and miss. A late freeze, the yarrow sending out many new children, the courtyard flag stone complete, the banco included. Right now in Paris it is sunny and 55 degrees at 9:30 p.m. with a prediction tomorrow of 60. Ah such a smart phone. Photos taken of the north side out the window here in Santa Fe because, well, because it's a lot closer in real time.

I start to check the museums to see what special treats I have in store for myself next month in Paris.

Right near the apartment at the Luxembourg Gardens, an homage to Josephine, a bicentenary of Empress Josephine's death, at Malmaison on 29, May 1814. Originally from Martinique, Napoleon fell in love with her when he was 26. It is said that he fell for her and they married in 1792.

At the Pompidou until June 9th is Henri Cartier Bresson and at the Musee Marmottan Monet, is a big exhibit of the Impressionists.

I'm sure once I am in Paris, I will find others but for now that will do.

Other things in store: critique group at Shakespeare and Company on Sundays at 6:30pm and open mic, Mondays at Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre/Carones. Sign up 8-9:30. Last year I went, entered a poem, I DREAMT OF HER and ended up in the 2nd volume of Bastille Magazine. This year...well stay tuned.

I am looking forward to my yearly dinner with my friend, Dorothy Polley and her dog, Kennedy, perhaps, even more than once.

Two friends I met on the plane to Paris in 2011, and have kept in touch with, will be in Paris the first week I am there. I have suggested that we meet in Luxembourg Gardens, by the Queens of France. I have written about the Queens in a poem called MARAIS, and have every intention to interview each one of them to be presented as a performance piece. When? We will see when in the next several years.

Right now I am deep into the writing of my second memoir, JUST NOW. Living with my family's Alzheimer’s and dementia and being in the now. I hope to complete this in the next couple of years. I will be working on a book of poetry, also, beginning in the fall. I feel most alive when I am writing, so I wake up, my dog, Alice B. wakes up. I say a prayer of thanks and on to the writing.

Hope this finds all of you in the rebirth of spring. Enjoy, and thanks for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.