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A Jewish Childhood Blog – I Remember You When…
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 21:07

How many times did I hear that as a child, especially in synagogue at Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock. And here I am saying that at my cousin Elizabeth’s wedding, to her and her father. Tom, her father, and I, are not that far apart but his kids, yes. It’s hard to actually see the days, months and years passing. But at a big wedding, well, where else can I go but to say the same thing to all of those I watched growing up into the people they have become.

I try to grasp the child in them still as I do with myself some times. The mirror actually does some tricks, but not too often. Dreams have a way of bringing that back. My mother and father, being alive with me and an all-star cast of others especially at times such as this, the nights filled with wonderful stories and visions.

My Aunt Charlotte talks about this at the out-of-towner’s Shabbat dinner Friday night. How she seemed so old when she married my Uncle Itzy. I was eleven and now, lo and behold, we have thirteen years between us and I still call her aunt out of respect. How perspectives change with age.

We both want to hazard a guess as to who will be next to walk down the aisle. Another of Tom’s sons, Ben and I talk about the possibility of he and his beloved meeting up with me in Paris this summer. They are working in England and the Chunnel could give us the possibility. In our world almost anything is possible,

Words form on the page. There is a new thought, a new wish or prayer. Mine would be to visit relatives more often. To watch the young ones grow and blossom. With Elizabeth, who was my inspiration to study and become a Bat Mitzvah, to enter into and complete that rite of passage, I still thank her, and to see her, that small child, young adult, that woman, stand next to her beloved, and say their vows to each other, brought tears to my eyes. I have tears of joy, to be able to bear witness to this event, and for them, to start into their new life.

Thanks for sharing this memory with me, a record in my Jewish Childhood Blog.