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A Jewish Childhood - Les Chiens de Paris - Dog Sightings around Paris
Thursday, 05 September 2013 20:00

How does one accurately document the dogs of Paris and categorize them according to breeds to see which is the one most popular dog this year in Paris. Of course according to me as the observer in this particular exercise.

Do I count Silky Terriers because I Skype each day with my sister and see my petite chien, Alice B. or her cousin, Tango, the mini poodle? Well deciding that this isn't exactly fair, I discounted those two although technically I did see them in Paris.

So how does one catalog all dogs seen in Paris? Make a graph, a list and use hatch marks so that clear and concise tabulation can be done.

Since the viewing begins at the beginning of my three-week stay in Paris, and this time was totally restricted to Paris, no outside trips, it is a true tabulation.

I've seen dancing dogs, scrapping dogs, dogs getting treats and dogs looking longingly at one another.

The winner surprised me this year because there are no famous ones of this breed in movies this year as there was last year with the Artist and the Jack Russell, but this year, drum roll please..................the Pekingese, also known as the ‘Peke’, a tiny fearless dog, a cross some say between a lion and a monkey. Click here:

Of course the runner up was the Jack Russell, tied with the Chihuahua followed closely with the wire-hair terrier and the wire-hair Doxie. The yellow and black labs were tied with a fluffy white dog of unknown origin.

Anyone could argue with me, as in memoir writing, another vantage point might have yielded different results as with siblings writing about their childhoods. But for me, hopefully each year I will gain more and more credibility, as each year I cover more and more new territory in my Parisian adventures.

So the dog I thought might be related to my dog, Alice B. turned out to be a Norwich terrier, very cute, twice the size. Alice B. weighs in at 10 pounds.

Feels like forever ago since I was in Paris. I've had fun dragging these Blogs on over time but, well, my flight home on July 2nd was wonderful. Lots of good movies viewed on my own individual I-pad. What a life.

So until next June, no more Paris Blogs except for sentimental reasons, I may throw one into the mix.

The next one will be from Santa Fe.

Thanks for tagging along with me in Paris and stateside. I really enjoy sharing my memories with you. And thanks for reading A Jewish Childhood Blog.