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Jewish Childhood - Pride, Making New Friends, The Gardens
Tuesday, 06 August 2013 19:40

Dear Friends,

I will share two days in my Paris life. Day l

When I come downstairs to get into my day, the streets are cordoned off and two policemen stand at the ready. It seems like everything has stopped. I still have to make 10 copies of a poem for the Shakespeare and Company critique, take some more memoirs, as the bookshop is sold out, and want to stop by the Gardens for my daily sit and walk.

As I move toward Boulevard St. Michel, I see large crowds of people on both sides of the street, and rainbow colored flags. It's Gay Pride in Paris, a special celebration since it is now possible for same sex couples to marry in France, something really big to celebrate. Since there were many people picketing right before the law was passed, I expected to see some of this but there was none. So I marched down the center of the street with the crowd proud to be part of something so big. and if last year is any indication, 800,000. Here are some photos taken during the parade.

Click here: Paris Marks Gay Pride 2013 One Month After France Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage (PHOTOS)

When it was time to jump out, I managed to make it to the curb by Monoprix where I make copies of poems for the critique. I notice a line up all the way across the street in front of the parade of policemen in riot uniform with batons and shields. "Just to be safe," they tell me.

I get the copies and walk down to the Seine, walk along the booksellers and head in to Shakespeare and Company and since I am early, I head over to Amorino, for my gelato of the day. By the way, for any of you in New York, they have places there.

Shakespeare and Company takes more memoirs so they will be there for sale. Tomorrow, day 2 is Chopin in Luxembourg Gardens. See you all there and thanks for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.