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A Jewish Childhood - Imagine a Day in Paris
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 21:20

It's another gray day in Paris. Not quite cold enough for my Polartec jacket but still a Tencel shirt and vest and scarf will hold me in good stead.

I notice this year I tend to just walk over to the Luxembourg Gardens, station myself on a bench along the tree lined walkway and stare. Not a total non-focused.

It's at this time that dogs drift in and out of my view. Two that I see daily are Pekinese and they are held or walking by an elderly woman, one who looks older than I. We have gotten to the point of saying bonjour to each other but I have not been able to start up a conversation with her. It's surprising how many of these dogs I see this year. 9-10 pounds, they are about the same size as my terrier, Alice B. a true lap dog.

I especially enjoy this non-focus stare I have re-found this summer. I used to use it when doing sitting meditation and perhaps that is what's going on. The haiku:

                                             Stare out.

                                             Nothing more to be said.


I have re-visited the Statue of Liberty, George Sand, the Medici Fountains and another prayer of gratitude out to the powers that be for such a wonderful park, the second largest park next to the Tuileries Gardens.

I take some notes for my interviews with the saints and the queens of France in the Gardens. I also notice the following breeds of dogs: Wire-Haired terriers, Jack Russell terriers, which was last year's winner as the most seen in Paris, 2012. But of course, that was because of the French movie, THE ARTIST.

Time slips out of the picture, the clouds drift around and sometimes break to bring some sun and shadows, children and their parents purchase snacks at the small kiosks stationed around the park.

I would say it's an ordinary day in my trip this year to Paris. Although I have taken many pictures while on this trip, the best ones are behind my eyes when I close them and squint. I bring forth images of Luxembourg Gardens.

Thanks for coming on this trip with me. I want to share it because it is so special. Stay tuned to the Jewish Childhood Blog for more from Paris.