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A Jewish Childhood - The Visit That Never Was
Thursday, 11 July 2013 20:04

So my friend Sherry and I are on the #38 bus on our way out to Pere Lachaise to pay our respects to Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas, Edith Piaf, et al and boom, just like in the movies, 8 or more of us on the bus are robbed. Not the drag down, harm you robbed, but like the leger de main pickpocket, and off the bus, back to the apartment to report the stolen credit cards and just mourn for the loss of the money. Someone once told me that anything you can throw money at and it goes away...well not like being hurt, right? Now it was just my feelings.

After the phone calls were made, Sherry decides to get something to eat, her treat since she was smart and wore a money belt. We go to Hanoi Restaurant. It is my latest Asian food find. We have a delicious meal and then Sherry takes me on a walk down memory lane, the places she remembers and the places she and her beloved, Jay, stayed in past trips to Paris.

I will try to catch you up quickly so that we can get on to more art and music. Saturday night at Shakespeare and Company for the critique group, and home.

Sunday, we hear Chopin in the rain, which is getting to be the rule and not the exception. But before the deluge, I hear Anna Serafinska, vocal jazz. What started out a front row seat is now the third row. Amazing that more chairs are found and people in Paris have the audacity to keep going forward, stopping short of the lap of the singer or player. But the music is so worth it. She scats like velvet, Chopin I have never heard before. She is accompanied by Rafat Stepien, piano, and Cezary Konrad, percussion. They are part of a project, Rock Loves Chopin, the singer is part of a group called Groove Machine.

Heaven followed with a decaf at Le Pavillon de la Fontaine, next to the Bandstand.

Monday is another day of busy work. Off I went to American Express, after a very long conversation with their office in Paris, to Western Union, and onto the bus. Voila, a new AMEX card and Euros compliments of Western Union via my AMEX account. Yes their advertising is true. Lose your card, etc. and get help immediately, of course for a price.

This is a busy catch up Blog. One in which I can cover quite a bit of time and get you ready for the next treat which as I have done for the past 4 years, this being the 5th dinner out with Dorothy. As I walk in the door, Kennedy runs at 80 miles an hour, screeches to a stop as he lands at my feet, and we tell each other how much we've missed each other. Click here: Bonjour Paris - Dorothy's Gallery: American Culture & Art Gallery

Dinner with Dorothy was at a Senegalese restaurant near her gallery. My Western Union money was now hidden in various pockets. The food was delightful, good conversation to catch up on a years worth of activities in each of our lives. During that time Kennedy took a nap.

After dinner, we took a brisk walk to Republique and to the taxi stand. A ride home for me, then some time on Skype when I get there, and off to dreamland.

Next, we will go back to the Pompidou Center for an exceptional show of Genevieve Asse. Thanks for keeping up with me in my Paris Adventures, and thanks for reading a Jewish Childhood Blog.