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A Jewish Childhood - The Rest of the Day and the Next
Saturday, 29 June 2013 10:19

Oh Chopin, I waited all year for these concerts, to return to Paris and Luxembourg Gardens and voila, here it is: the fourth year of Chopin Festivals in the Gardens. Sunday, June 16, 2013, Lustostawski Piano Duo: Emilia Sitarz, piano, Bartiomiej Wasik, piano.

Since traffic was great and it took so much time to catch the 72 Bus, the bus was jammed and I arrived just after the concert started, all the chairs around the kiosk taken. I walked over to the café and found a table as soon as two others left.

Within a few minutes, a couple wandered by. I asked them to join me. Of course after conversation mostly in English with a smattering of French, I found that one of them, the woman sitting next to me gave me her name. We exchanged cards. She is a psychoanalyst(e) the French way, and I am, well you know what I do (auteur, ecrivane).

Every once in a while refrains of Chopin’s music, drifted through our conversations, and the others around us. I am always amazed at the friendliness of people in Paris. I have found this since I first came here in 1982. I know that was when the Parisians allegedly thought of us as “Ugly Americans.” Well, I always thought, what you see is what you get. That is just my opinion.

I ordered pommes frites for which they charge more if you do not order it in conjunction with a meal, so 5 euro plus a decaf. What a joy, with ketchup. Heinz of course.

My companions asked me to let them know when I come back next summer. We will have a reunion in the Gardens. Luxembourg Gardens. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch the YouTube video and when you come to about 8.02 you will see one of the queens in the gardens. No, these are the real queens. I will be interviewing them from Santa Fe.  Click here: Luxembourg Gardens

Monday, here I am again on the same bus but on the way to Le Bon Marche. I have been given a good lead from the owner of UN JOUR UNE FETE-LA BOUTIQUE at 167, rue Saint Jacques, right around the corner from the apartment I rent. She has told me that if I am to find HERBES DE PROVENCE I must go to Le Bon Marche, the biggest department store in Paris designed by Eiffel, who designed what? Yes, the Eiffel Tower. Click here: Le Bon Marche in Paris

 I look around the big department store, which along with Galleries Lafayette, are the two biggest ‘magazins’, department stores, in Paris. I find my way, up the escalators, to look at pastries and more. I then ask about the Epicure, where I am to find HERBES de PROVENCE. Herbs included are rosemary, basil thyme, savory, and marjoram. Of course, we are left not knowing the proportion of what to what.

 I find small packages of this precious mélange of herbs known worldwide. Mission completed. After walking around the streets a bit, I return to my arrondisement, and off for sushi. Too early, I go to the Gardens for my Dog Watch. The last Blog I do from Paris is one on the Dogs of Paris. I carefully keep track of each breed I see and how many. Just to give you a hint, I met a Paris dog, kind of like back home, a New Mexico dog, which in Santa Fe, sometimes have a touch of Heeler or Cattle Dog.  

 There will be a surprise within the dog Blog, and in the meantime, thanks for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog. Comments desired, page.