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A Jewish Childhood – Jour 6 Jeu de Paume-Lorna Simpson and Ahlam Shibli. Part 2
Friday, 28 June 2013 21:03

The papers talked about Shibli’s work as controversial. The title of this show: Phantom Home. The brochure tells us, “The photographic work of Ahlam Shibli (Palestine, 1970) addresses the contradictory implications of the notion of home. The work deals with the loss of home and the fight against that loss, …restrictions and limitations that the idea of home imposes on the individuals.”

The work covered in this exhibit includes, as he calls it “Palestinian society preserves the presence of the ‘martyrs’.”

He deals with French resistance against the Nazis together with French fighters in colonial wars of people who demanded their own independence within. Here is LGBT from eastern societies. People left their old societies because they were not allowed to practice their lives with the freedom to be who they are and now they are denied sexual preferences or to “inhabit the gendered body in which they feel at home. In a foreign place, and sometimes only on weekends in a club, they seek conditions that allow them to be who they want to be”.

Shibli says, in his own words, “Death contains a broad representation of the absent ones through photographs, posters, graves and graffiti displayed as a form of resistance.

I find his work compelling, though somewhat difficult for me with the Jewish/Palestinian I face as a Jew. It is always a challenge to find the truth of one’s beliefs. Click here: Ahlan Shibli - Paris Photo Agenda

I strongly recommend that if you are going to be in Paris up to September 1, 2013, challenge yourself and find your way to these two magnificent exhibitions.

Thank you once again for reading formerly known as Not Just A Jewish Book Blog, now known as Jewish Childhood Blog, and as always, I encourage you to contact me to let me know your thoughts.