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A Jewish Childhood – 2013 Jour 3 Centre Georges Pompidou and Simon Hantai, plus a Special Concert
Sunday, 16 June 2013 11:49

I had not heard of Hantai but being an adventurer and loving the Pompidou, I decided to go. Hantai was born in Hungary in 1922 and studied at the Fine Arts school in Budapest. He moved to Paris immediately after the World War I. His method was known as ‘pliage’ what he called ‘folding as a method’. He did this by folding the canvas before it was painted, concealing a view of the entire surface. He painted the parts accessible.

In some of his work, he used icons, such as crosses. Once you see how he works, it will all make more sense. Click here: Simon Hantai exhibitions at Paul Kasmin Gallery and Centre Pompidou : Architectural Digest

I enjoyed the ETUDES and BLANCS. I conjure up tunes played on a small wooden flute. I sit on a chair where I can peer from the paintings into a small showing room where people gather to watch images and a biography. I then sit on a slatted bench in a room covered mostly with Etudes and Two Blancs. The minor part of the film I can see above the heads of those watching in the room does in a way give a sense of Hantai and his art. I saw the top half of a Tabula (1973-82), which means board in Latin. I am glad I have come to this exhibit.

Of course, being close to the Pompidou, I must have an Amorino Gelato. I try intense chocolate and raspberry.

Then the 38 bus and as I get off in front of the Luxembourg Gardens, I see parents and children walking toward the bandstand.

There will be a concert of strings: violins, cellos and perhaps a bass.

The teaching is the Suzuki method. Click here: Suzuki method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  The children range in age from 3, with the smallest violins I have ever seen, to 9 years of age, girls and boys, proud parents snapping photos or making videos with smart phones. Some were using older technology of actual cameras or video camera.

Le Debut. It is already 6:15. The concert is set for 6:00. Public school music starts at 7 years of age and then it is expensive and not many spots are available for the children, one parent explains to me.

Return soon for more about this concert and thank you for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.