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A Jewish Childhood Paris 2013 Day 2 – A Visit With Marc Chagall
Thursday, 13 June 2013 15:47

What a grand experience, La Musee du Luxembourg, and Marc Chagall. It was great seeing the exhibit, BETWEEN THE WARS. WW I and II. I have seen his paintings over the years at different museums. The first time was also in Paris I believe in 1984 or so.

Because Chagall is Jewish, I find his work infused with Jewish symbolism, such as the name for God written with four Hebrew letters once in a moon and once by the feet of an angel.

I was intrigued with his interpretation of the first world war, the soldiers and the devastation, in black and white, stark, real, how such images can tell a story no amount of words can.

The last show of his works at the Pompidou Center, WORKS ON PAPER showed the fear and anguish of displaced people, running for their lives, some not able to make it out in time and ending up in camps never to be seen again. The sketch of the man with his house strapped on his back, an image I will never forget. How many times in my life have I had the feeling I might have to do this? Perhaps two times in a long life.

Marc Chagall died in 1985. The brochure talks about his extraordinary ability to 'break the rules and codes-even diktats-of modernist thought', while still drawing from them, that he was able to remain figurative and be a witness to his time. He borrowed some of their forms from avant-garde movements (Cubism, Suprematism, Surrealism) and sometimes seemed to get close to them, but he always remained independent.”

If you happen to be in Paris before July 21, 2013, this is definitely one show you will not want to miss. The last line of the brochure for the show tells it all. “With an intense luminosity it is a hymn to freedom and to life". L’chaim.

Thanks for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog. And as always, please feel free to dialog with me. I welcome that.

Click here: "Chagall, entre guerre et paix" (Chagall Between War and Peace) at the Musee du Luxembourg in Paris,