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A Jewish Childhood - How to get ready for a worldly experience. Preparation.
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 19:17

Gather warm socks, euros, a photo of my dog, the seashell my grandma gave me. These are talismans. They will go with me along with the notebook on the Queens of France in Luxembourg Gardens. I will pray for a few hours of sleep on the plane along with watching movies all night or is it afternoon or morning.

I get so turned around when I travel. So here is something to look forward to.

Everything is good on the home front. The dog is giving the guests what for. The tomatoes growing as I write.

Next on the agenda is what I found when I got to the apartment. Waiting for me was a note from Verizon of a $50.00 charge because I forgot to turn off data when I got to Dallas Fort Worth. And then when checking emails, there must have been at least 50 my computer picked up as don’t send, and a couple where kind souls sent me an email telling me to check my emails for hacking.

Now a cool day in Luxembourg Gardens, Pavillon de la Fontaine, my first day watching people walking here and there. People also reading, engaged in conversation with each other, one on the cell phone as I look on. The sun is trying to break through, the sky in mottled colors of grays, whites, with some blue. What started out as a troublesome day earlier became glorious, the beauty of French being spoken without the need to understand a conversation, with a symphony of voices. I am here strong and ready for adventure.

The queens of France, which encircle the upper level from the basin wait to be interviewed. I will choose within the next few days the next one.

Right now I have the leisure time, the space to do nothing and everything.

Four young girls play a game, one the pony, one jumps on the back of another. Two look on.

One Haiku one day:

Pigeons, they are splendid.

They wait for a feeding.

One espresso. No crumbs.


And once again, thank you so much for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog.