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A Los Angeles Childhood: 39,290 Readers. Which Blogs?
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 09:51

Yes, I am a Virgo and very interested in which Blogs people read, how many, and why? I'll never know that one. But for now, I'm just happy to know that many of you out there do read them.

As a writer, there are certain things that interest me. I am absolutely thrilled when they seem to interest you, also. But I never really know why. I long to have you tell me, send me an email and let me know what about which ones hold your interest.

I am getting ready for another trip to Paris and will be sending Blogs from there hopefully daily. I also now call myself Mrs. Smarty Pants because I just got a smart phone and will take photos to go along with the Blogs. Yes, even old dogs...

I first started these Blogs in the middle of December 2010 to coordinate with the release of my memoir, SAVING MYSELF: A LOS ANGELES CHILDHOOD, which by the way, has sold nearly 1,200 copies.

I am going to use 400 as the cut-off point for the ones that seem to hold the most interest, and some of them over time. The most popular Blog was SO WE REMEMBER, SO WE DON'T FORGET, posted 8/31/11. It was about the Holocaust and PTSD.

I could list the rest of them over 400 hits but I'm not sure it would have any meaning more than being on a list of Blogs that held my interest and maybe yours also.

Topics covered were Pablita Velarde, Pastels and the Red Wheelbarrow, Right Bank Galleries, Sushi in Paris, all three which were from my June 2011 trip, The rest of them were earlier ones, Marilyn Monroe, Till Death Do Us Part, Just Like My Mother, In Memory and Celebration, Astronomy and Quaker Oats, You Can Go Home Again, and Proof. All of these can be found on my web site,

If you have special places you like in Paris, it would be great to let me know. Paris and Santa Fe are my two favorite cities and eleven months of the year I have the honor of living in Santa Fe.

For those of you who are wondering what I am working on presently, I am working on two manuscripts: the first a book of poems, and the second, another memoir - JUST NOW: THE ALZHEIMER'S JOURNAL

I hope you will continue to follow me down my path as you have been doing over the years. I love knowing that you are coming along. And please, if you have questions or comments, please let me know at under contact.

Thank you so much for reading my Jewish Childhood Blog .