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A Jewish Childhood - Annie Leibovitz-The Woman and The Work Part 2
Friday, 22 February 2013 11:57

In her book, ANNIE LIEBOVITZ AT WORK, Random House, New York 2008, I flipped through the book to find excerpts that particularly touch me. She talks about the process of being a young photographer. "We were taught that the most important thing a young photographer can do is learn how to see." She also noted that, "The camera gave you a license to go out alone in the world with a purpose.”

Leibovitz talks about her experience going on tour with the Rolling Stones. She says, "I learned about power on that tour. About how people in an audience can lose a sense of themselves and melt into a frenzied, mindless mass. Mick and Keith had tremendous power both onstage and off. ...I found that my proximity to them lent me power also, a new kind of status. It didn't have anything to do with my work. It was power by association." One thing she did stress about the process of the Rolling Stones Tour, is what therapists realize when dealing with clients, that ten seconds separates them. For Liebovitz, she says, "The thing that saved me was that I had my camera by my side. It was there to remind me of who I was and what I did. It separated me from them."

Another area of interest for Leibovitz was that of dance. Her mother was a dancer. Her perception of what it was to photograph dancers. She says, "I began to understand that dance can't be photographed, or even filmed, for that matter. It is an art that lives in the air."

Leibovitz did a wonderful portrait of Agnes Martin. She asked Martin what she did at her studio when she first came in each morning, Martin said, "Well I just sit here and wait to be inspired."

I am so excited that Leibovitz's photos are going to be at the O'Keeffe Museum February 15-May 5, 2013. I have purchased the Pilgrimage book and will pick up my autographed copy at the Gift Shop when I go to see the exhibit this week. How lucky we are in Santa Fe to have access to such wonderful presentations. I hope that those of you in Santa Fe area and those of you visiting here get a chance to see this exhibit.

Also, for those of you locals that haven't gotten to Vivo Contemporary for the GIVING VOICE TO IMAGE, there will be a book signing on Friday March 1st, 4-6PM. All of us, poets and the artists, will be there for this event. The exhibit will be up until March 26th.

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