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A Jewish Childhood - Remembering Childhood Heroes - Tarzan, Ann and Bernard Angel
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 22:06

This morning on Sunday Morning, they remembered Tarzan. I remember going to the York Theater on York Boulevard in Highland Park, watching Tarzan, Buster Crabbe, and Flash Gordon, series and a movie. We had twenty cartoons and one full-length feature. I don't remember the long movies, but I do remember the jujubes, the various colors, red, green, yellow and the wonderful flavors.  My childhood "gummy bears". There were also the Necco wafers in chocolate and the one super special treat which I remember through my teen years at the Highland Theater on Figueroa Street, a stop at See’s Candies and the chocolate suckers which I loved. They would last the whole movie in the balcony with my best friend, Diane Cole. She was the one who taught me to smoke cigarettes, which we bought upstairs in the movie balcony from the cigarette machine.

Sixteen was a year of adventure, Diane and my cousin David, the double dates with Bill, my boyfriend, who, much to my parent's chagrin, was Catholic. In those days one didn't go outside of one's religion when dating and especially when contemplating the idea of something serious.

Speaking of my childhood, these past few months I mourn the loss of two of my cousins, two early influences in my life, Ann and Bernard Angel. Bernie and Ann taught me what it was to be in nature even in an exclusive part of Carmel where they built their home in Carmel Highlands, had chickens and taught their children to gather eggs as well as to honor the chickens that eventually became dinner. They learned all of these skills. I especially remember going to visit them up there with my first partner, seeing a litter of puppies that were all different from the same mother, and how they accepted me for being myself.

These memories stay in my heart always. We all grow up and eventually transition to another place. May their names be for a blessing, and thanks for reading AJewish Childhood Blog.