Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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A Los Angeles Childhood - More Reviews
Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:23

I have been writing blogs for almost two years (in December) and during that time, so many of you have purchased Saving Myself: A Los Angeles Childhood. Many of you have been kind enough to write a review. I want to share those with you today.

At the beginning of preparation for publishing the memoir, I asked six colleagues in various professions that touch upon the content of the memoir to read and review the book. Here are those reviews:

“Jeanne Simonoff’s beautifully written memoir explores what it means to be human, to overcome hardship and loss, and to come into one’s own. It’s full of life, and we are with her all the way. The book is a complete delight: poignant, charming, brimming over with observation, vitality, and will to survive.” –Kathleen Spivack, poet and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Moments of Past Happiness, The Beds We Lie In

“ I have been enthralled by this inspiring memoir of a child’s experience of profound loss and survival; a story of individual resilience and familial care. This is an intimate glimpse into the mind of a child with irrepressible vitality and strength. Thanks to Jeanne Simonoff for her contribution to the literature of childhood loss and recovery.” –Jane Napier, psychotherapist

“Fall into the mind of a little girl. A compelling, funny, sad, and richly written memoir told through a child’s perspective about her loss, love, and the rite of passage into adult life and the family, and deep connection to family that carried her there.” –Jan Marquart, LCSW, author of Echoes from The Womb, A Book for Daughters

“This memoir of discovery and healing leads us to the delightful Queen Stinky, who refuses to take a bath. The author brings the child’s voice and the child’s strategy to power in this lyric work.” –Patricia A. Murphy, Ph.D., author of Searching for Spring. We Walk the Back of the Tiger

In Saving Myself: A Los Angeles Childhood, Jeanne Simonoff writes lyrically and passionately so that we can hear the lost who speak ‘without voice,’ and also vividly evokes the voices of family and childhood, of wonder and terror, against the backdrop of post-WWII anti-Semitic Los Angeles and its layers of history.” –Any Achtenberg, author of The Stone of Language and The Stories of Devil-Girl

Also, since the book has been out, eighteen readers have reviewed it on Amazon. People have told me that they have bought the book based on the reviews. So for those of you who haven't read the memoir yet, or who have but who haven't had a chance to post a review, I offer those eighteen additional reviews for you.

For any of you who would like to write a review, it's really easy. If it's through Amazon, I would be delighted to have you add yours to the ones already on there.

If any of you wish to purchase the book through the web site in October, I will return $2.00 with your copy of the book.

For those of you in Santa Fe who have not yet gotten a chance to read the memoir, it can be purchased at Collected Works on Galisteo and Water Streets, downtown Santa Fe.

My next blog, I will share the results of readership of all my blogs giving the top ten out of 82, and again thank you so much for reading a Jewish Childhood Blog.

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