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A Los Angeles Childhood - Jours grouped - Les Chiens de Paris - In memory of my friend Farfel Part 2
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 10:23

Kathleen Spivack is teaching the poetry workshop that I will be taking at the American University at Paris. She has assured me ahead of time that I can write whatever I want to. She won't limit me to poetry. Since I have all but one of her books, I purchase the one that I do not have, A HISTORY OF YEARNING, and turn immediately to my favorite poem in that book, "Pale Light In The Luxembourg Gardens."

By now I am hungry and we agree to meet at a cafe around the corner and across the street from Saint Sulpice. I have a desire for pommes frites, which this cafe doesn't have, so I settle for chips. When the server brings our fare, out he comes with a package of Lay's Potato chips. Imagine coming all this way to have that. But I need the salt I share the bag with Kathleen. We agree to meet the following evening at the Music Conservatory. Her friend's daughter has a recital there for her master's program. It will be a group concert based on the work of John Cage. Well I enjoy John Cage so, for two hours, we sit and watch and listen to their interpretation. I understand some of it. Again, I am hungry so we go off after the concert to find a cafe where I get my pommes frites, at last.

 This takes me to the Sunday of the opening reception for the Workshop. I agree to meet Kathleen at a cafe across from Luxembourg Gardens where we have a snack and then walk to the taxi stand on Rue Soufflot where we take a taxi to the American University. I'll take you on that adventure when we again meet at Not Just A Jewish Book Blog. And as always I thank you for reading, and by the way, the winning dog this year in Paris according to my careful calculations was the Jack Russell terrier. I asked myself why, and finally it came to me. The movie that received the Oscar for the best picture of 2011 is.... have you already figured it out? The Artist, and one of the big stars of the movie was..... ?

But first the ten most popular dogs made famous by Hollywood movies:

Cairn terriers, The Wizard of Oz. "Toto, you're not in Kansas anymore”.

German Sheppard, Rin Tin Tin

Dalmatians, 101 Dalmatians

Wire Fox Terrier, The Adventures of Tin-tin.

Chihuahua, Legally Blond

Siberian Husky, Balto

St. Bernard, Beethoven

Golden Retriever, Air Bud.

Collie, Lassie Come Home

Jack Russell Terrier, The Artist, and the dog's name Uggie.

Again, Thanks, and don't forget, you may write to me and add or discuss anything you wish relating to your dog, your friend's dog, another movie dog or just to say hi!