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A Los Angeles Childhood - Jours grouped - Les Chiens de Paris - In Memory Of My Friend Farfel
Monday, 06 August 2012 09:43

Because I am such a dog lover, of course I am keeping track of the most popular breed in Paris this year. And of course, I am keeping an eye out for terriers, especially Silky Terriers like Alice B. as well as Yorkshire Terriers who were quite the rage for several years in the running: Models posing with Yorkies. Small creatures everywhere I looked.

So I sit outside adjacent to the Pompidou Center also called the Beaubourg, at the Cafe of the same name, to observe the stream of people and dogs. People with children, people with bicycles and the people with dogs take it followed closely by people with bicycles, a few children folded into the mix, most of them trying to capture the gigantic bubbles being produced first by a woman, then a man. They use a bucket of soapy water and two pieces of rope tied at both ends and dipped into the soap. Bubbles spread over the horizon, large, some of them as big as the children and once in a while, the adults.

Two decaf espressos known as decafs and one Perrier later, I find myself wanting results in my dog poll.

There are more yellow labs than I would have expected since post people live in apartments. A few sharpeis, very few poodles miniatures or standards.

I take time out from my dog charting to wander over to the Village Voice Bookshop located on Rue Princessa, close to where I stayed for my 50th birthday at Hotel Recamier, a hotel where Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas housed their friends not quite close enough to stay with them. I am looking for a book of poems which I forgot to bring with me and that I wanted to share next week with my poetry workshop members. It is DIVING INTO THE WRECK, by Adrienne Rich, one of my favorite poets. I see Kathleen Spivack talking to the owner when I get there and gathering books to give to the woman with whom she is staying with this Paris trip.

Return soon to read more about my Paris adventures and thank you for reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog.