Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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A Los Angeles Childhood - Jour 11, Sur La Route, la Musee des Lettres et Manuscrits Part 1
Saturday, 28 July 2012 15:01

This is not a day I feel particularly athletic but when I took the 27 Bus to where I thought I would catch the 63 up Boulevard St.Germain, there was no bus so I started walking. Two and one-half miles later I arrived at 222 Bd. Saint Germain and the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts. The reason for the long walk was to visit the exhibit entitled Sur La Route, the movie. Since I was familiar with Jack Kerouac's ON THE ROAD, I found it most interesting that an American movie was made of the story of the writing of the manuscript/the story of On the Road. It would have the usual list of characters including Allen Ginsberg who plays a small part and John Burroughs who I was interested in since I found out that allegedly he shot an apple off his wife's head and accidentally missed the apple.

I originally saw the scroll of the original manuscript by Jack Kerouac in 2007 when it came to the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe. And having grown up during the reign of the Beat Generation, I was also interested in seeing this manuscript of the book that became a cult favorite of a whole generation.

I used to hang out in the early 60s at the Gas House in Venice Beach, California where the King of the Beatniks, Eric Nord, hung out. I found my original membership card from the days recently when going through stuff I swore I would never throw out. During that time I went by the name of Courtney or Court for short.

I also met Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the City Lights gang back in San Francisco in 1959, including Allen Ginsberg and Nikki Giovanni.

Segue back to Paris, 2012. We assume a dangerous thing, indeed to do that the whole thought came to her. The Walt Whitman poem, The Song of the Open Road and who did he write this for? Tell me this Jack. Did you really get the idea from Walt? Damn, it was a good idea, ‘une bonne idee’.

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Return soon for more about Jack Kerouac and contemporaries of this age and Thank You for reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog.