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A Los Angeles Childhood - Jour 10 - Fete de la Musique - The Longest Day of the Year Part 1
Thursday, 19 July 2012 11:24

My friends, do any of you remember my Blog for last year at the Fete de la Musique? All the world’s music, the wonderful, colorful costumes, different rhythms and sounds?

This year, it's a gray day in Luxembourg Gardens, the clouds coalescing in conversation waiting in the wings.

A group of children are in a circle up on the bandstand. They are learning the art of percussion. First, they snap their fingers then clap their hands. A small boy with a bottle of soda almost empty, rolls it down the stops, throws and kicks it around the pebbles entertaining himself until the concert stops or finds something else to occupy his interest.

Back in the circle, the leader is beginning to teach them about rhythm.

Before the actual performances, I talk with a group of young girls. They will perform later. Flutes and bassoon, all young, all learning music and the universe provides. No fundraisers that have to be done by parents and friends to continue this wonderful gift in the schools. The different groups in varying levels of learning will all perform on this same stage as all the world class professionals did last year. Their leader calls them over, violins, brass, percussion, will all play and celebrate. Orchestra Ecole (orchestra in the schools) brass and percussion. Third and second clarinet, sax, flute, violin, trumpet, drums. Each section has one leader, one adult in the group. Orchestra du Place Concorde. Musical, classical and jazz mixed, more and more advanced groups play for a longer time. 

Then the sky opened up and there torrents of rain came. Thunder, just 'comme des films'.

After my Aloha silk shirt was saturated on one side and the sun umbrella failed to cover me, I walked briskly over to the cafe where I am now writing for pomme frites (french fries) et Perrier. There is a surcharge if you order just the fries and no main course. I gladly pay it.

I am talking with a couple from Pittsburgh who leaves. The sky lets go more rain and they return. I am thinking of finding music somewhere else in Paris, but with the rain, I don't know because so much of the free music is out of doors.

Return this weekend to read more about this special day and check the link below for an on-site video and Thank You for visiting Not Just A Jewish Book Blog.

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