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A Los Angeles Childhood –Jour 7 - Dinner with Dorothy and Kennedy
Sunday, 24 June 2012 13:27

It’s never easy for me to find the bus each year that will take me to Dorothy’s Gallery. Somehow I always find my way and have a wonderful time with Dorothy and her dog, Kennedy.  Click here: Bonjour Paris - Dorothy's Gallery: American Culture & Art Gallery

Each year we choose a different type of restaurant and this time it is Dorothy’s choice and my treat. She currently has a wonderful exhibit on Romania, and if you are on your way to Paris or getting ready, consider this one as a definite stop. It’s in the Bastille area and well worth the trip.

For me it’s a double treat because I swear, each year Kennedy remembers me and rushes toward me ready for a good hug and to give me a kiss. And for those of you who know me very well, about this time I truly begin to miss my dog, Alice B. despite the Skype contact daily with my sister Pat, who kindly shows me that yes Alice B. lives and is happy near home having long walks and her buddy Tango. So show me Kennedy and he does fulfill some of that doggie energy I so dearly need.

This year, it’s dinner at a wine bar close to her gallery. I’m sorry but I forgot to take a memento with the name and address but I’m sure Dorothy will point you in the right direction. Also for those of you who know me, I no longer drink wine because of an allergy I developed in my early 30s. No, that’s not the 1930s. I have a wonderful salad and fabulous glace… ice cream, special homemade. And Dorothy assures me that the selection is wonderful. The time just flies by as we talk about our past year and the hopes for this one.

She will again this year as she did in 2008 when I first met her, do a fundraiser for the ex-pats for Barack Obama for reelection. So if you’re around Paris in October/November, be sure to drop by.

By the time we finish our dinner and talking it is time to walk a little further and find me a taxi as some of the bus lines stop running late in the night.

I give Kennedy a good hug and off I go toward rue Gay Lussac the end to a very wonderful day.

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