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A Los Angeles Childhood –Jour 4 – Bob Dylan L’Explosion Rock 61-66 Part 1
Monday, 18 June 2012 12:30

I have just taken an hour bus ride on the 75 Bus to what seems like the outskirts of Paris. I arrive about 6 blocks from Cite de la Musique, a large modern structure. I pay my 9 euros entry fee for the Musee de la Musique, vendredi 16 Juin 2012, 16h00.( The halls are lined with photographs of Dylan with various other performers. There are rooms off to the left/partitions –the feeling of rooms. There I find high school yearbooks, Robert Zimmerman, Hibbing, Minnesota.

I go into one dark room with one other man listening to a very young Bob Dylan singing about Medger Evers. I think of Natalie Goldberg, her film, Tangled Up In Bob. Oh we were all so young and so idealistic. Before Kennedy was shot. When I was in my first relationship and we bought the album, ‘Freewheelin’ because we thought the photo was one of the cutest women we had ever seen, tore open the cover and listened to Bob. We were all freewheeling in those days. I played his songs and sang along with him, strumming on my Baby Martin guitar. I got the mumps and stayed in bed instead of going to the Monterrey Folk Festival with Sue, and bought a 1964 MGB because I felt so sorry for myself.

We hung out at Venice Beach and left about 2pm to drive out to Fountain Valley to visit our friends, Marty and Terry who had just bought a tract home way out there. We put down the top and started out, getting gasoline at Joe Fink Chevron Station, and had the hood fly up because he didn’t fasten the latch. We didn’t miss a beat as I pulled over on the freeway, got out my heavy knockoff hammer out, pounded down the hood and fastened it with a new G string which did the trick, listening to Bob Dylan on the radio as we drove to the young couple’s haven way out there.

All these memories poured out as I sat there listening, tears running down my face because I missed that time and the Us that was Sue and I. She died in 1991, so I share this memory with you.

The couple from Paris walked out at the same time I did and we reminisced about their first concert in Paris when Bob went ‘electric’ to the shock of the audience. For Sue and me it was the concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. When Joan Baez came out, the crowd calmed down, as Bob started singing “You Don’t Know What Is Happening Mr. Jones”.

Return tomorrow for more impressions and recollections and Thank you for reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog.

Click here: Bob Dylan - Lay lady lay - YouTube