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A Los Angeles Childhood –Jour 2 – Pairs and Series – Matisse at the Pompidou
Friday, 15 June 2012 14:14

I slept until noon. No dog to walk or feed or sing to – just silence save the slight roar of a big city street. The day, overcast with the threat of rain. But of course, anyone who saw Midnight In Paris knows that’s when this city of light shines.

It’s off on the 85 Bus to Centre George Pompidou and Matisse with an added treat of Gerhard Richter and panorama.

This is my first stop after getting my ticket in the automatic ticket machine. My smart pill that guided me through the Internet hook-up at the apartment, must have been a long acting one. I ascend the escalator with the outside view so I see Paris as she gets higher up and higher up. Soon I’ll be equal to the rooftops. I stop on the 5th etage to see the permanent collection of modern with the addition of several pieces new to the collection. One of my favorites Louise Bourgeois had a sculpture in marble, Clouds. She’s the one who also has the wonderful bronze hands in various gestures, which grace the Tuileries.

Here was another interesting artist, George Brecht, who had three assemblages. It noted that he studied with John Cage in the 50s and the influence of music and balance and order was there without spelling in out.

Then before entering the Matisse show, I stopped to have a Perrier and Decaf (espresso) at the outdoor restaurant at the top. The name of the restaurant was abstraction/SURFACE/Air. There I observed two younger lovers engaged in a conversation. I wrote a poem, which I will work on and then share. This interlude was a chance to sit, observe, the skyline of Paris. There were banks of clouds, a montage of my visit so far. A great show of cumulus, thunderheads. It was a symphony.

Since Paris is a no smoke city, indoors, it’s a chance for smokers to…smoke, ah, yes, remember to buy Gitanes for my French teacher, Toni before I leave. A prop, as a lounge singer she tells me.

Right now, the warmth, to be zipped up in Polartec jacket, the sun making a sneak appearance, a stray pigeon, le premiere fois pour a decaf cette journee.

I am excited to see process in Matisse’s work with pairs and series. How in such a short span of time, let’s say, one year, there is such a change that range light years in appearance and style, simplify, distill and change.

In the brochure from the show they talk about creative process. “Matisse thought deeply about form. Representation, realism, the relationship between design and colour, surface area and volume, interior and exterior: the questions he posed contributed greatly to the development of modern art.”

It goes on to say, “This exhibition offers visitors the chance to discover the artist’s entire body of work through this unique filter in chronological order.”

The show represents half of a century of work. For those of you who will not make it to Paris, it will be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, December 4, 2012 to March 17, 2013.

Next time I’ll visit the retrospective of Berthe Morisot.  So for those of you who do not know her work, it’s a chance to check her out on the net and be ready, and thank you for reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog. A la prochaine!