Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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A Los Angeles Childhood. Jour 1/Paris 2012
Thursday, 14 June 2012 13:40

No, you have not missed one. I slept on the plane, came to my apartment at 3pm. And I just chilled out.

What I did to get there: I must begin on Saturday because that’s when a filling fell out and I called my dentist, Haley Ritchey who returned my phone call (she’s a saint) and we set a date for 8:30am on Monday, the day of my flight to Paris. When I described my mishap as the Gila cliff dwellings, caves between two areas of rock she said that was exactly what it was. Tooth on bottom. Tooth on top and in the middle, a missing filling. Within 20 minutes she had repaired it. So it was off to town with my sister, Pat, to take the Sandia shuttle to the airport. We had a great latte at my favorite bookstore, Collected Works, on Water and Galisteo Streets and at 10 I caught the shuttle. Before that, Dorothy Massey the owner of Collected Works, told me they had a new family member, a miniature black poodle who took the place of that sweet puppy, Pippin. I, of course, am partial to terriers, having one myself named Alice B. and yes, it is after Toklas whose middle name was Babette, as well as in memory to my birth mother Alice Esther.

I am now on the shuttle out of town and past the cemetery, out the 599 to Interstate 25 and on to Albuquerque Sunport to catch my Delta flight. Since my left knee and leg are still a little weak, I walk with a cane. I don’t mean to be a little old lady but yes, I did ask for a wheelchair so the trip from the gate where the plane landed and the new international airport I rode with the assistance of a sweet woman who told me she wanted to join the air force and go to school to become an avionics technician. We talked about new careers and she told me she needs to lose 30 pounds and she’d be ready. Weight Watchers for her seems to be the answer.

That trip I actually slept four hours in between movies and breakfast and then a taxi ride from the airport to my rented apartment at 32 Rue Gay Lussac, and yes, I will give information to anyone interested in coming to Paris and wanting an apartment rental.

My first outing was in refilling my metro/bus pass, picking up a few groceries, cheese, butter, gluten free bread and the boulangerie across the street and cherries at Maison Marie, the green grocers on the corner.

The first day in Paris ended watching Japanese television in English and to bed. I slept until noon.

That’s it my friends. There will be more tomorrow as we catch up for jour 3. Don’t forget, any suggestions for exciting things to do in Paris, just drop me a line on my web site, Thanks for reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog.