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A Los Angeles Childhood - It Might As Well Be Spring
Saturday, 24 March 2012 21:07

In December it seemed like winter would be here forever. And now, three days into spring, I have picked my first daffodil. I know, those of you in Los Angeles where I spent most of my life think, so what. Flowers have been blooming there, some like camellias have been blooming for quite some time. But here in the high desert, spring is revolutionary. All of a sudden, plants start to poke out of the ground. My quaking aspen, the female, has it's little blooming tassels that look similar to pussy willows while the one to the left of the courtyard gate will wait a while longer to show buds. The wonderful lilacs, over ten feet tall are starting to set buds and the birds seem to be singing more. Although breezy as March and April usually are, the temperature at 12:30pm is 52 degrees and expected to go up to the high 60s by the end of the week.

My friend Richard who has been saying spring is almost here since January has something to shout about now.

Will we get more snow? It's possible up until May 15th. Meanwhile there are more signs of spring. My dog barks at the tall grasses out of the studio window She's very short and there could be tigers and lions moving them. New growth coming in next to the six-foot high big bluestems, seed heads mostly spread by birds by the end of March.

I remember spring in Los Angeles. Taking drives out to Lancaster to see the wildflowers. Now I am thankful for the four seasons. Almost 19 years now in New Mexico with the temperature today in the middle sixties. It’s quite warm for this time of year. I need just three layers of clothes.  I will enjoy this before the next cold snap.

I hope you all enjoy Ella Fitzgerald singing “It Might As Well Be Spring”. It’s a movie I remember seeing with my Grandma Goldenberg in downtown Los Angeles in 1945. The movie? “State Fair”!

Happy Spring to all of you. Season of longer days!

Click here: Ella Fitzgerald - It Might As Well Be Spring - YouTube

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