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A Los Angeles Childhood - Remembering Whitney Houston Part 1
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 16:57

A couple of weeks ago on a Thursday at my local supermarket the checker and I listened to a song that was playing: "You Give Good Love." It was Whitney Houston. We talked about where we were in 1985 and 86. For me it was Los Angeles I was just coming out of an eleven-year relationship. Two Sunday mornings ago, my friend Martha called me early. "Whitney Houston is dead." I was in disbelief. Hadn't I just heard her? Didn't I just talk about her? "I'm Every Woman," "Saving All My Love For You."

I seem to live my life and mark it by specific songs.

Venice Beach, 1963, Dionne Warwick sings "Walk on By" as I listen on my transistor radio as I lay on the sand in Venice Beach, carefully turning my position in relation to the rays of the sun. No tan line, we called it. I had just had a terrible fight with my first partner, crying as the song played because my first true love fought with me on the way down to the beach. Dionne was in Santa Fe singing last year. I was sitting third row center, aching as she sang that song. Tears staining my face as the melody lingered in the air at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

With Whitney, it was the end of the eleven-year relationship and a new lover, "How Will I know," and “I Will Always Love You." The new relationship would not last but my relationship with Whitney has lasted now twenty-six years later. Not the nine- month affair that just dwindled away, just a vague memory in the road of my life.

Click here: (HD) Whitney Houston - Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Nelson Mandela Concert) - YouTube

Thank you for reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog and return soon to read more about Whitney Houston's effect on my life.