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A Los Angeles Childhood - Welcome to the 21st Century
Thursday, 09 February 2012 15:21

I decided to try two things that would carry me into the high tech world of today. The first was a Universal Remote. Why have to look at 6 remotes sitting out on the coffee table each with their own function, shape and fond memory. Actually I think that it is five. First remote was Comcast, then the AV receiver, the DVD player, the CD player and what else. Well you get the idea. So I first tried to purchase one of the best from Best Buy but got one that would only handle five things and I had six. So B and H online got me my Logitech One that will handle fifteen knowing I would never need that many but might as well be prepared.  Oh, next was the Blu Ray which I got at a very good price through Groupon online and of course, when it arrived I had the HDMI cord but not the special Wi-Fi access connection, so $70 more and I ordered that from Toshiba from whence my Blu-Ray came and of course, it was the only place to get it upping the price of the Blu-Ray to $140, which of course I could have bought another brand with the Wi-Fi adapter for probably a little less.

Nevertheless, with kindness from my neighbor, Doug, who programmed the universal remote which should probably be in total caps because it is such an asset and we were able to get the Blu Ray to talk to Netflix so I could do what I had always wanted to do: stream to Netflix making my choices in movies and TV series tremendous.

I had to tell my neighbor Pat that I now had streaming capacity and she told me about her experiences of 4 AM nights watching one program after another and of course I thought, that will never be me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a wonderful British series called MI-5, which to my delight had 80 episodes.

Well, equipped with such power, I began the epic journey of the late night streamer watching one episode after another. I am now up to episode 61 and before long will have to find another to take its place. Oh I did have one interruption when the Wi-Fi line went down. I quickly went to the telephone and called QWEST, my Internet provider, which after three phone calls via the Philipines, informed me that the problem was with my Laptop and that Internet connection, so another two hours and $150 for a tech later (it is now midnight), my computer is again up and running so back to MI-5.

So I beg of you, if you know of a wonderful spy espionage series that I can quickly transfer my obsession to, please let me know via the contact button on my web site,

Until then I shall slow down a bit in order to stretch the inevitable... the completion of MI-5.

So thank you for hopefully understanding my predicament and helping me get through the possible withdrawal from streaming by reading Not Just A Jewish Book Blog and finding another rewarding experience for me!