Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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A Los Angeles Childhood-A Change Creeps In
Sunday, 23 October 2011 22:27

Fall is showing in my north courtyard. The quaking aspen on the right side is so far ahead of the other that bare sky shows through where leaves used to be on branches. The one with more shade more stubbornly shows leaves of green, orange, yellow holding firm to branches.

The birdbath is filled with yellow and orange silver dollar shaped leaves.  I want to leave them in. Surely the birds will know to drink around them before heading south for their winter haven. They must be smarter than to make the journey to their winter abodes thirsty. Nights are now dipping down into the middle thirties. Fall is certainly showing itself in Santa Fe.

My new tomato red comforter is so light yet so warm. I needed something bright. I have been in this house for two months. A bum knee, back and left hip.

This morning I broke my dog's food dish because the gripper I paid $25.00 for at the pharmacy which I bought because it is so difficult to bend down, did not bear the weight of a stiff arm raising it to the kitchen counter top.  Is that something to cry about? It's only a bowl, a small white one probably Syracuse pottery, ironware, the kind you might find at a restaurant supply store. But it was a symbol. I could not bend over to pick it up. It shattered.  To my shock, my dog who is a finicky eater, who I thought for sure would not eat her meals from anything but that bowl, gobbled up her breakfast from a small chartreuse paper plate. She is much more adaptable than I. She survives the loss of the ten year-old food bowl.

And in time, the pain will lessen in my body and abate. After all, it's only a few months out of the next twenty years, which I hopefully have left. No need to plea-bargain yet. I will wait for more time to pass before there might be that need.

For now, I enjoy the feeling of my hand holding this pen and the scratching of quill on paper. I am writing again after a fallow period.

It just might be the next Blog after a dry spell. Here is a new beginning. And at this point I will take whatever I can get, 300-400 words is enough to keep me going until the beginning of the next week.

A new beginning, how did I get here? One foot set in front of the next.

Thank you for allowing me to share Not Just A Jewish Book Blog.