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A Los Angeles Childhood -Have Any Of You Heard of the Woodcraft Rangers?
Friday, 05 August 2011 15:00

When I grew up being Jewish kept me out of the Girl Scouts. Many people find that hard to believe since I lived, after all, in Los Angeles and this was 1947 but in my elementary school this was the case.

My mom told me the Indian way was better, and besides I would be able to learn to build a fire, be out in the wilderness. Search for and name berries in the forest.

I often ask myself if learning the Indian Way drew me to Santa Fe, to this high desert at 7000 feet. Helped me understand what a delicate balance there is on this holy earth.

For those of you who read my memoir, the exclusion is familiar. For those of you who haven't, consider what you would have done.

A short while back I toured Earnest Thompson Seton's castle ravaged by fire six years ago now being restored. Why do I mention Seton? He has a special place in my heart, for establishing the Woodcrafters back in the 20s.

In 1893 on the winter plains of northern New Mexico, Seton's life was changed. He built his castle open to the sky. This was located in what he called Seton Village in Santa Fe.  

Woodcraft was about a set of values lifecraft Seton called it, providing guidance for the transition between childhood and adulthood.

"Little Lodge for children, Big Lodge for boys and Red Lodge for adults. Its idea was to make it a movement rather than an organization. With 28,000 camps in the United States, "Blazers of the Trail", morality to teach values to young adults. He believed that we were born children of God.

"Omaha Tribal Prayer opened the meeting: Father a needy one stands before thee I that sing am he".

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