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A Los Angeles Childhood - Bully For Us. Help End the Epidemic! Part II
Tuesday, 26 July 2011 10:16

There are certain rights to become a member of the elite group of bullies. It used to be a silent killer because it was subterranean, swept under the carpet, not talked about, not reported. It was just something that kids did to each other.

I sometimes imagine that parents and friends might think, "He'll grow out of it. She'll grow out of it." After all your mother and father might have had these experiences. You might consider asking them if they are still alive. They might want to keep it close to their hearts because they won't want to feel weak.

Tell your parents, your friends, your teachers. Think back to when it happened to you. When someone may have said something to you that sent you off in tears; when your friends didn't stand up for you because you were/are different. Maybe you were the one telling the stories.

Dr. Dan Olweus lists types of bullying. Here are seven of the nine:

Verbal bullying including derogatory comments and bad names;

  Bullying through social exclusion or isolation;

 Physical bullying such as kicking, shoving and spitting;

 Bullying through lies and false rumors;

 Racial bullying;

Sexual bullying;

 Cyber bulling (via cell phone or internet).

We all know it doesn't end in childhood, don't we? It goes on and on. I have experienced this recently. I am Jewish. Someone uses an anti-Semitic slur, what they call a joke. It is a personal assault. It makes me less. It diminishes me. That person takes away what makes me myself.

It can't be blamed on habit. "It was automatic." Hate is automatic. Break the habit now. Take a vow, include me in your list of forgiveness and I'll include you in mine. Do a ritual. Tell one person your darkest secret. Now write it down on a sheet of paper. Now go to the center of a large open clearing and shout out the words: You are forgiven. I am forgiven. It is so.

The time for all of us is now. We are the change and the changers. Please join me in my campaign to end this terrible disease.

Thank you for being part of my family and for reading Not-Just-a-Jewish-Book Blog!