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A Los Angeles Childhood – An Adventure in Silver City Part II
Thursday, 07 July 2011 19:39

The 4th of July, Martha’s actual birthday we celebrate with a wonderful breakfast at home and then the Ice Cream Social at the Silver City Museum, a small museum that houses the history of the mining town. On the grounds, we buy tickets, get our ice cream and settle into a seat around a wonderful sycamore tree that shades us from the hot day. Kids are eating snow cones and going off blue-faced and sticky.


Music begins with an accordion, and two guitars. Regional music as kids pass by flanked by parents and balloons.  Then the Declaration of Independence read to us by a gentleman in a costume of the times, followed by an announcement that the small boy reported missing in a red alert before the Declaration, has been found.

 Bayou Seco, a two person group playing and singing cross-cultural music of the southwest are joined by Fiddlin’ Friends, a group of children 5 to 13 who start off with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Boil the Cabbage Down, Boys, played with great intention, dragging their bows across strings, faces taking in the music. Cluck Old Hen Disappeared, the chicks carrying forward in a dance of sound rejoicing in the gift of music. Now there is an Iberian tune, and my legs pick up the beat. Elk River Blues played by the two main members of the group, do a song for rain and we all rejoice as a few drops fall. Two nights ago at 3am there was a downpour that was so loud, we were awakened from a deep sleep. The prayers must be working. The sky is now covered with clouds and it creates a moody uncertain air.


A chocolate-faced young boy goes by and is carried with a balloon tied to each arm as if he is expecting to be carried off up into the sky. An 18 month old with his parents sitting on a blanket on the ground goes back and forth taking bites from their vanilla ice cream cones. What a fun way to spend an afternoon.  More adventures ahead, we go home to review all of the fun and plan our day tomorrow.


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