Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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A Los Angeles Childhood – An Adventure in Silver City Part I
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 19:38

I leave Santa Fe in the smoke from Los Alamos and people still craving return to their homes. I take the 7am shuttle to the Albuquerque Airport for what I think is a 9:30 am flight on a small 19 seat Great Lakes prop plane. When I arrive, I find that if I had looked at my confirmation, I could have slept an hour later. But now I have the joy of having organic instant oatmeal with everything at Black Mesa. “Everything” means walnuts, brown sugar and raisins, or something that resembles raisins.


Then I have time to sit in the waiting room and type up the last Blogs that were posted.The flight with 5 people on board took 50 minutes, 40 of which was such a smooth flight I took a nap. I awake with a pre-recorded message that we are preparing our descent and in ten minutes are on the ground. There is no smoke in the air, blue skies and green all around. A delightful change from the smoky sky I left at 7am this morning. It is now 11:20am.


My friend Martha waits for me filming my entrance with her new digital camcorder. We drive into town and to an Asian buffet where we have some small, adequate sushi and then home to be greeted by her three dogs. The youngest, Chula is a beautiful 55 pound blue heeler mix, probably part black Sheppard, who is 5 ½ years old. Patches is a 12-pound black and white poodle mix, is 9 and becomes my shadow, and Mandy, a cockapoo, 13 years old who I remember as a small young child. So you see, I am not wanting for doggie energy as I admit to being in Paris.


Sunday, a fabulous birthday party and the July 4th weekend celebration Martha’s friends have planned for her. Oh my word, what a wonderful spread of food, a 4th of July barbeque extraordinaire! My favorites were the guacamole made even greater with cilantro, baked beans with maple syrup, brown sugar, and something that gave it a slight tangy taste, potato salad which I always love, and two gluten free desserts, a key lime pie with almond crust and brownies. I was asked by the hosts to do a special reading from my memoir, and followed it with a question and answer period. By then, full and happy, we head back to Martha’s to chill out.  


Silver City's special July 4th celebration will be described in tomorrow's blog.

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