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A Los Angeles Childhood – Au Revoir Paris Part II
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 19:01

I am now on the plane in an aisle seat and happily view the first two movies, Adjustment Bureau, and The Tourist. I look forward to see the latest Fockers movie when my great Sony headset became mute. No sound. No reading light. Rien! The flight attendant then tells me there are many rows just like that and that she cannot change my seat because it is a completely booked flight. I buy M & Ms. This helps. It is now 3:30 pm Paris time and I have been up since 4:30 am. I dozed for about one half hour during The Tourist for which I am now sorry. I am getting bored. Fortified with my M & Ms I continue to distract myself with them and La Croix sparkling water and voila, after dinner and then a snack, in 2 ½ hours we will be in Atlanta.


Now in Atlanta, through customs, my passport again stamped, bag back on for the next flight, a snack, another 2-hour layover, phone re-activated for stateside and off of global chip. Exhaustion is creeping up on me. It is time for chocolate…this time in the form of Ben and Jerry’s. It works, back to the Gate and in only 3 hours I will be back in Albuquerque, then the drive one hour home.

 Is it all worth it?  YES. YES. YES. Almost three weeks in Paris, one day going and one day coming back? Again resounding YES! Airplane is at altitude 34,074, going over land, no water, just a chance to take a nap, and wake up thinking where am I.


Back at 7000 feet, my dog greeting me when I come in with,’ Oh it’s you’, a slight tail wag and I know she had more fun than my heart sister did. And the drive up my road at 830pm with the fabulous sunset that only comes with deadly fires, this time around Los Alamos made the colors that only contaminated air with dust and smoke can, and above that gray, and above that nothing but prayers. The whole town of 12,000 people evacuated, specialists flown in to try to manage a raging fire and keep it away from the nuclear waste stored in steel drums on a concrete pad, as if that magic will stop it from happening. That think tank that brought us the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer and the other scientists of the 40s at the think tank.


Morning 6:00 AM, my dog by my side, a cool breeze coming in through open doors and windows. I have had quite an adventure and now I am home.


The new adventure in Santa Fe begins!


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