Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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Jour 16 – A Los Angeles Childhood – Pastels, The Red Wheelbarrow and Dorothy’s Gallery - Oooh La La! Part I
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 14:29

What a wonderful, magical day it is! Pastels in the Gardens—I’m catching on to the medium, the 21 to the 96 bus and off at rue St. Paul. I ask a friendly wine shop the way to the actual street. Many times you get dropped off in the vicinity and have to find your way.  A la droite, to the right, at the corner to #22. The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore looked just like it did on the net. It was smaller than Shakespeare and Company and even more intimate. The bookshelves looked a little like mine at home. The owner, Penelope Fletcher, originally from Cambridge, England was most interested in the memoir. She began reading immediately, starting at the back and working her way forward. She told me about another woman who wrote a book where she ended up in Los Angeles after escaping the camps, and coming with her father and mother, both psychoanalysts, to my home city, and the story continues on. Why am I telling you all of this? I’m just so excited to have a few more of my books in a store in Paris. The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore,, and the other, Shakespeare and Company, makes two bookstores carrying my books for sale. Although more people know about this bookstore from the history and most recently MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, if you find yourself looking for a good book in English when in Paris, this right bank Marais bookstore is very dear. Tell Penelope that I sent you. Penelope will guide you to the right book.

With that mission accomplished, and a bit of hunger, I stop, where else, at a sushi restaurant, and order California roll to which they have added a bit of fresh mint. C’est delicious.

Check back tomorrow for a view of an American Summer when I visit Dorothy's Gallery.

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