Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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Jour 14 – A Los Angeles Childhood – Right Bank Galleries and A Puppet Show With A Touch of Pastels
Saturday, 25 June 2011 21:59

I find myself leaving the apartment about my usual time 1130 AM or so. I am on my way to meet my friend Linda for lunch. She has a gallery with her husband Daniel, LG Expertise, To get there I walk by the Elysee Palace where the president of France lives. After a lovely lunch at the bistro next to the gallery, I walk down Avenue Matignon to see the wonderful art galleries. I stop in at Gallerie Jerome de Noirmont to see an exhibit of Grafitti New York 80’s, there I see two artists I recognize: Jean-Michel Basquait, and Keith Haring. Haring’s piece cut right off of a wall on a New York Street sells for 120,000 Euros which translates to $170,514.04. I’m sure an authenticated bargain in some circles.

I see some wonderful drawings by Jean Cocteau, and just browse a little more until I come to one block from the Champs Elysees. There I happen upon a puppet show in the park. It is Theatre Vrai Gvignolet which has continued since 1818. There were 11 children and three of us adults. I count myself in the second group only because of my age, not for the level at which I enjoyed the show. There is something about the Punch and Judy puppet shows that resonates with me. If you are the same way, Google it and there are a couple of videos to help you share that enjoyment.

I walk up to the boulevard and find a café called Unisex where I go in to have some pommes frites, this time very small narrow crisp ones, washed down with a decaf and water. The bill is 10Euro and totally worth it for the experience and location. The music is like the sounds I heard in an album my friend Lava gave me from Paris called Buddah Bar. Two couples sit down near me, one of the women white hair turned carrot color and the other just white. The carrot top fidgets with her fingers and then does the twiddling of her thumbs and I think, Bubbie, my grandmother. She is right here with me right now in Paris.

I arrive back at the apartment in time to grab my pastels and go over to the Gardens. One sketch is an angel statue against green-trees and grass, and a moody sky. The second is an abstract rendition of le Fete de Musique and the third is a picture of a moody sky with some blue, white clouds with some gray and a touch of pink.

I walk over to Queen Jeanne, and after sitting for several moments, a conversation begins. Is it real? Who knows, as Moody Blues says in Knights in White Satin, “who knows if life is real or if it is an illusion…” I will leave that to you to decide!

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