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Jour 13 – A Los Angeles Childhood – Summer Solstice – Fete De Musique Part II
Friday, 24 June 2011 20:12

Now it is time for the concerts to officially begin. At 230 it starts with Te Hina O Motu Haku, Polynesian songs and chants Mergesa Islands, French Oceana, the first of the French speaking groups. The music was intensely powerful with warriors and maidens. Extremely emotional, the crowd goes wild, people rushing up to the stage to snap photos or take videos. Having just learned how to do this with my camera, I devote a minute to this myself.

The next group, Gospel Forever begins, and the audience again explodes.

The third group, Negoce, comes out, a band with accordion, bright costumes, four sets of couples, and at this point, police come around, chairs are brought right in front of those of us in the old second and first rows. The officials from the Senat, which owns the Gardens, it seems, have come to listen to their concert. The President of the Senat, Gerard Larcher and other dignitaries sit and watch. Negoce, negotiate, a country-dance with accordion ensemble d’une variete Francaise. It is described as Argentine, Africa quadrille, France, Guadeloupe.

The 4th group is Roger Raspail, drummer from Guadeloupe, trained in Ka music, considered un grand maitre de precussions antillaise. Again, photos, the public senat videotaping the whole concert.

The last group, Sully et Les Chamanes. (, see their video). This group is new, jazz infused, and formed in Paris performing on Youtube in April. The leader is like the Pied Piper as the children gather on the steps up to the stage. The music is speaking to all of them and us. Small children, maybe 3, 4, 5 years old, move in amazing grace and glorious freedom. We are all one in that moment.

My day, I think, will finish with salmon teriyaki at Yaki. Plus musique and I have not eaten since the fries.

I get back to my apartment, walk in, check my email and work on a blog. Then it begins, right outside my window down on the street, a band has set up, loud, with acoustical instruments, Sitting on the Dock Of The Bay, Light My Fire. It is now 8pm. At 11:30pm I shut my windows and turn in. The music outside continues.

Oh one thing I forgot to mention, I asked for and received one of the Fete de Musique posters, plastic coated. An older man came over and started to talk with me in French. He helped me take it down. After a few minutes I had to excuse myself.  We shared an experience for that moment in time, together, in the Gardens.

Happy Solstice and thank you for reading Not-Just-a-Jewish-Book BLOG!