Jewish Book: Saving Myself, a Los Angeles Childhood
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Jour 12 – A Los Angeles Childhood – Jeanne Sees Lightning Bolts
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 20:06

It’s the second sketch and this one is, one might say, impressionistic. Jeanne, Queen of Navarre surrounded by lightning bolts, just feelings, nothing monumental, who needs more than that. I try to think, what will bring her to life. A man sits next to me, long beard, reading a book. He says two words, “bon jour,” to which I reply the same. I have dragged two chairs over across from Jeanne, the queen. One chair is for me, and one for the pastels. It seems like a dream but, my dears, it is really real. What if the queens will not talk to me? My mission to interview them, starting with Jeanne, will fail.

How can I fail in Paris?

Today being Monday, there were no museums open to visit. I take the 21 Bus just to see where it will go and end up at the old Opera Garnier. I walk around and get back on the bus going back home. Tomorrow is Fete de Musique and I shall station myself in Luxembourg Gardens from 2pm on to get a front row seat. I won’t try to get on buses and travel all over the city to hear music when it will be right out my front door.

Back to the queens, Navarre, impressionistic, lightning bolts, majestic, she is a force to be reckoned with. I have started to interview her. Have introduced some questions. I wait for her answers. I must trust that they will come. I am beginning to feel a bit more secure with my Sennelier 24, the Gardens in my scope.

It seems hard to believe that I have been here twelve days already. I am totally comfortable with my rechargeable metro card and will keep it in a safe place when I return to use again next year.

In the meantime, I will type up that list of Queen’s questions. A mission is a mission and once started it cannot be forgotten.

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