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A Los Angeles Childhood – Jour 9 – Pastels In Paris
Sunday, 19 June 2011 22:45

I’m on a mission. Have you heard of Sennelier, a l’Ecu? Moderne depuis 1887. There are 525 shades of which I am now the owner of 24 landscape colors. My trip began with the 27 Bus, which I catch right across rue Gay Lussac. It stops at Quai Voltaire across from the Louvre. I see the sign Sennelier. Ferme! They will re-open at 2pm. I take a leisurely walk past unique antique stores until I come to Le Voltaire, a bistro, where I order a wonderful cheese omelet, which comes with a fresh spring green salad and julienned squash and to drink, une carafe’d’eau. What a delicious omelette and salade it is! The salad dressing is something with mustard/mustard seeds, creamy, slightly tart and balances the delicate lettuce perfectly. And to think my day out in Paris is just beginning. The decaf, pay my bill, and I’m on my way back to the magical Sennelier. A young gentleman who speaks French (naturellement) assists me. The pastels I pick are 24 couleurs “Paysage”, landscape colors.  It is said to be “a unique tool for pastel artists who have a passion for tradition and quality. The pastels were developed by Gustave Sennelier at the end of the 19th century.” The pastels come in 525 shades.

I buy a pad of papers, pastel et craie d’art. Beige avec intercalaire cristal, sans acide. The crystal paper will assist me in keeping each drawing clean from the one before.

I will try to find a way to represent Jeanne, Queen of Navarre, my queen of focus in Luxembourg Gardens if it finally stops raining. I take the pastels and tablet back to the apartment. I then worry about getting the fine pastel dust on my silk aloha shirts and set off on an adventure to find the perfect extra- large inexpensive t-shirt. So it’s off to the Pompideou Center where there are small stands right next to, you guess, Amorino Gelato. It is fashionable black with a blazing abstract Eiffel Tower emblem in yellow, 100% cotton and made in the Honduras. Perfect. The gelato flavors for today: strawberry and lemon with just a touch of chocolate, the small cup with the flavor so intense, I barely finish it.

Back by the 38 Bus to the Gardens, where there is a slight mist in the air. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll let it rip. Can’t wait to unwrap the pastels, put on my painter’s t-shirt. I have some trepidation of course…will it be good enough? For what, I think. Just let go of all that parent talk and go with it. After all I am in Paris!

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