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A Los Angeles Childhood - Day 3, Part 2 - Prayer and Bus Travel in Paris
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 10:06

I am at the Centre George Pompidou (#38 bus) in the basement listening to the music of Ravi Shankar. The exhibit is Paris-Delhi-Bombay…a large room has been made by hanging Indian batik around the perimeter of the space. Everything is soft, the seating, and the lighting. Many sounds of women and men’s voices, sitting around tables designing fabrics. Red, blue, green lights are strung on the ceiling area. A woman is holding a film camera, another talking on her phone. “Come here now…important…work…this is free.” No need to pay the 8 Euros to enter. That is on the 4th and 5th level, where the exhibits are or if you want to take a photo of the wonderful view from the 5th floor. India-Bollywood-art.

The Wurlitzer calls the children to it like the Pied Piper and who wouldn't be enchanted! This is a Saturday afternoon in Paris.

Further on, the Stravinsky fountains have been drained. A man with his crew from Vertikall has started a mural. It will be concluded Tuesday, he tells me, if we don't have rain. There will be an “opening” next Saturday at 11 AM. They have done murals around France. We will friend each other on Facebook.

I see another man filming all of this production. He tells me he has a web site, Un Jour, Un T-shirt.

7 PM, I sit on a bench in the Gardens looking at the statue of George Sand, dress, long hair, sitting on a bench of marble texture. The sky forebodes rain. There is an atmosphere of crispness to the air, a slight breeze. A blackbird pecks for worms. A woman with two Pekinese walks by me. Another with her Jack Russell pulls and yells at him, “Attendez, allez!” There is the sound of traffic at my back. I'm getting used to the noise. Peaceful, sounds of doves. All is well in the City of light.

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