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A Los Angeles Childhood – Day 3, Part 1 – Prayer and Bus Travel in Paris
Tuesday, 14 June 2011 10:55

Saturday morning I went by taxi to a “liberal” (same as reform) synagogue to witness the b’nai mitzvoth (a group of more than one bar or bat mitzvah) 3 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys was the nephew of my friend, Linda. I went to her son Maxime’s bar mitzvah June 2009 thus setting the tradition of June in Paris.

I took the metro to the #84 bus and stopped at St. Sulpice. Instead of a vacant square opposite the church made famous by the Da Vinci Code, there was an antiquarian market, avec les bijous anciennes which include a 1987 Rolex men’s watch. How ancienne is that? Also, there were clocks, deco lamps, furniture and an assortment of live dogs, one Jack Russell terrier NFS and two very sweet pekes.

Back on the bus and a stop at Hotel de Ville where there is a rally for nuclear disarmament. Pour sortir de nucleaire, Vite la planification ecologique! I talk with a woman standing there. “Yes before it is too late,” she tells me in French. We both agree. According to this woman, the people of France want to go the way of Germany and other countries in banning the nuclear power plants. “Remember Russia and Japan,” she tells me. We again agree.

Then back on the bus to the Pantheon stop and a Chinese lunch for 5 Euros. Hard to believe a lunch that reasonable in Paris. The day before I paid 1.90 E for a small order of French fries at McDonalds, which I claimed to have gotten so I could get the code for les toilettes which is printed on each receipt.  I know, you are by now questioning my taste in food, off the sushi trail, to “Mc Do’s” as the French call it. Okay! The code was only part of it.

I made a note to go back to Shakespeare and Company where I went yesterday to see if they'll place my memoir there. Oh yes, an email to Terry, the consignment guy. I left him a postcard of the book with a note. Pray for me!

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